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The Schmidty Wife

Hello, I am Lauren aka The Schmidty Wife and food is my love language. I live in Seabrook, NH with my husband Matt, our son Archie, and our two dogs Olive & Otis. I am a stay at home mom who besides food loves crafts, working out, being outside, glitter, and The Office.

I love cooking, baking, flavors, and most importantly I love seeing happy people eating my food. Seeing people enjoy a meal I made makes me so incredibly happy which is why I started The Schmidty Wife blog. I want to help others create that happy feeling by sharing the recipes I love to create. Food should be about family time and I would love if I can make just one recipe that brings just one family closer together during that meal. I make fresh food for fun families and so I hope you join me as I dish out some love.

Peace & Love,

Lauren, The Schmidty Wife

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