DIY Patriotic Stars 

American Independence’s Day is my favorite holiday, hands down. I think I enjoy it the most because of its simplicity compared to other holidays, it’s less stressful, you don’t have to get anyone anything, everyone is always happy, the decorations are always so pretty and patriotic, it’s always nice outside, and oh yeah it’s the […]

DIY Ombré Shoes

DIY Ombre Shoes |

I have wanted to make ombre shoes for forever but it has always taken a backseat as a project to do since I’ve never had all the supplies I have needed all at once. Well the other day I was walking through the Michael’s clearance section (how many of my projects start) and there were […]

DIY Kids Egg Shakers

DIY Egg Shakers | The Schmidty Wife

I need to be honest with you, the real reason I am even sharing this DIY with you is so I could take adorable pictures of my son. This DIY is really that simple. Baby Schmidt is only 7 months old right now but he is a super curious little guy, he loves exploring which […]