DIY Patriotic Stars 

American Independence’s Day is my favorite holiday, hands down. I think I enjoy it the most because of its simplicity compared to other holidays, it’s less stressful, you don’t have to get anyone anything, everyone is always happy, the decorations are always so pretty and patriotic, it’s always nice outside, and oh yeah it’s the celebration of America’s independence (thanks France!) (the History major in me always shines through). Plus there are always fireworks, love me some fireworks. I could keep coming up with more examples of why I love the 4th of July but let’s get down to the topic at hand, toilet paper tubes.

I hoard empty toilet paper tubes, it drives my husband crazy. But I know I can always come up with crafts for me or my little man with them, so why throw them away!? Well for this 4th of July I wanted some new fun decorations that were cheap, free to be more specific, so I went into my stash of toilet paper tubes and came out with these super cute patriotic stars. These stars are simple and you most likely already have the supplies you need in your home, you can hang them up or place them in a number of different ways that adds a little more festivities to your home! So go grab a handful of toilet paper tubes and lets get started.


(makes 6 stars)

  • 6 toilet paper tubes
  • ruler/measuring tape
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • red, white, & blue acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • hot glue gun
  • thread for hanging



The first step is to fold, measure and cut your toilet paper tubes. Start by folding them all in half (essentially pressing them flat). Now I noticed that the average length of a toilet paper tube is 4 inches, so 4 inches divided by 5 is a very hard to measure fraction so we are simplifying it by measuring and cutting 3/4 inch 5 times and then having a little sliver of the tube left to discard. So measure 3/4 inch starting at one end, you will have 5 large sections and one little sliver section. Cut the tube where you measured. You can discard the sliver section.


step 1

step 2


Repeat measuring and cutting for all 6 tubes.

Divide tube pieces into three sections of 10. Use a paint brush to paint 10 tube pieces red, 10 tube pieces blue, and 10 tube pieces white. Let paint dry for 1 hour, check to see if tubes need to be given a second coat (my white ones needed 2 coats). Let tubes dry completely (best to let them dry overnight).


step 3


Once tube pieces are dry prep for gluing by plugging in your hot glue gun to warm up and organizing your tube pieces into 6 stars, 5 tube pieces per star.


step 4


Once glue is hot start gluing the star pieces into place one by one. Place a dot of glue about a quarter of an inch down from the fold and place second piece matching up the edges and folds so that they are glued together on the inside area of the star. Repeat gluing with all five petals until they are glued into a star shape.

step 5

step 6

step 7


Repeat for all 6 stars.

all finished

All finished! Now use thread to string each up individually or string them together to decorate!

Patriotic Stars (2)

Enjoy your Independence Day!

Patriotic Stars

Peace & Love

The Schmidty Wife

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