DIY Personalized Mugs

DIY personalized mugs |

My sister is getting married!! That means a ton of fun DIY for yours truly, who happens to be the maid of honor. I love my sister so much and I want her to have a great wedding (and bachelorette party). So even though the wedding isn’t until November I literally couldn’t wait to make her and her fiancé their first gift. My excuse was it was their birthdays which are conveniently about a week apart so I ran to the thrift store found these lovely mugs and got to work!

DIY Personalized Mugs | The Schmidty Wife
DIY Personalized Mugs |

These mugs are the correct version of how to make those ‘sharpie’ mugs that you see everywhere. The problem with using regular sharpies is that they are not oil based and they will eventually smear right off. In order to get a lasting personalized mug you must find oil based paint pens, sharpie does make these as well as a lot of other brands. I personally used DecoColor thin tip paint pens and they worked amazingly, I really enjoyed the thin tip, it made it easier for me to make details. Speaking of details, if you are personalizing something for someone close to you make sure you give it an extra bit of love, I thought the handle would be such a cute place for something small and personal and I was right, the little personal touches turned out adorable.

DIY personalized mugs | The Schmidty Wife
DIY personalized mugs |



So these mugs really could not be simpler, you really only need 3 things and an idea and you have yourself a personalized mug.

DIY personalized mugs |
DIY personalized mugs |


  • Mug(s)
  • Oil based paint pens
  • Oven
  • Pencil (optional)


Ensure the mug(s) you are using are completely clean, I ran mine through the dishwasher and let them dry completely before designing.

I used a pencil to gently sketch what I was going to draw on the mugs before I used the paint pens. This step is completely optional but it really helped me with my layout and drawing, the pencil also wipes right off in case you were worried about it getting baked on.

DIY personalized mugs | The Schmidty Wife
sketch out your plan

Use the oil based pens to draw your design. (Pro tip, write ‘hand wash only’ on the bottom of mug so people don’t accidentally run it through the dishwasher.)

Place mugs on baking sheet and place into cold oven. Set oven to 250 degrees fahrenheit and let bake for 2 hours. At 2 hours turn oven off but leave mugs in oven for at least 1 hour so they can cool down, taking them out while they are still hot can result in cracking.

DIY personalized mugs | The Schmidty Wife
ready for the oven

Once cooled hand wash the mug(s), do not run through dishwasher, dishwashing may result in fading of your designs.

Enjoy your very own unique mug!


Peace & Love

The Schmidty Wife

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