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Homemade Soup Recipes

A complete roundup of 15 of the BEST Homemade Soup Recipes. From tomato soup to clam chowder and everything in between this list of soup recipes has something for everyone!

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Best Homemade Soup Recipes Ever

Every fall and winter we quickly rely on soup as a meal at least once a week. Something is so comforting about a hot bowl of soup on a chilly night so I thought it would be best to round up some of my own favorite soup recipes and a few more from some blogger friends to help you decide which soups you should be making this week.

Before we run down the list lets touch on a few soup tricks that can help you get the best pot!

Homemade Soup Tips!

  • Especially if you make soup on a regular basis I recommend having a few varieties of Better than Bouillon in your fridge. So much easier to store than traditional broth and has a ton of flavor plus it makes it easier to make soup on a whim. There is a variety of flavors but I recommend starting with a chicken base.
  • Most soups can be frozen easily if you have leftovers, the biggest exception to freezing is when they have a grain like rice or noodles, those don’t freeze particularly well, soups heavy in dairy tend not to freeze well either
  • Soups are usually very easy recipes to get creative and ‘make it yours’. Go ahead and add more vegetables or aromatics if that is what you like, the nice thing about soup is that you can always taste it as you go, so if you love garlic go head add a little more.
  • Salt at the end. This is something I personally do with most of my soups, I like to concentrate on the other flavors building during cooking and then taste my soup and add how much salt you think the soup actually needs, this keeps your soup from getting too salty.
  • Garnish your soup! Fresh herbs can basically be a garnish to every kind of soup. Depending on the soup’s flavors parsley, cilantro, green onion, and thyme are some of my favorites to top off a nice bowl of soup!

So let’s find a soup perfect for you and let’s get cooking!

Homemade Soup Recipes

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Peace & Love

Lauren, The Schmidty Wife

bowl of Cuban Picadillo with white rice on a table with forks
Family Friendly Cuban Picadillo Recipe
easy Buffalo Chickpea Dip in a small white baking dish with blue cheese and green onions with chips and vegetables for serving
Warm Buffalo Chickpea Dip

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Tamara Andersen

Tuesday 25th of February 2020

These all look so tasty! While we still have some cool weather in south Texas, I hope to try a few... Thanks for including my Mexican seafood soup!

Lauren Schmidt

Monday 2nd of March 2020

Thanks Tamara, your Mexican Seafood Soup looks so tasty!