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The Best Kitchen Gadgets for a Small Kitchen

So I thought I would take a break from recipes to talk about some of my favorite kitchen gadgets for a small kitchen. What better time than the holiday season right 😉

So if you assumed I am a food blogger because I have a huge kitchen with beautiful counters and giant cabinets that look straight out of HGTV I have greatly mislead you! My family lives in a classic east coast town house which means I have 50 inches of usable counter space (I even got out the yard stick to measure), I have probably another foot that is in the corner and under cabinets that is really only useful for holding my stand mixer and utensil canister. So you are safe to assume that with about 4 feet of counter space I don’t have very much room in drawer and cabinet form. So because I am living small in the kitchen I have had to figure out my favorite gadgets for the kitchen, from items that collapse to my favorite bigger items I couldn’t live with out here is my list of The Best Kitchen Gadgets for a Small Kitchen.

1. Collapsible Measuring Cups

These measuring cups without a doubt in my mind were the first thing I wanted to add to the list. My Aunt had bought these for me over 3 years ago as a bridal shower present knowing I had a small kitchen and I have used these everyday since then. They have held up wonderfully and take up next to no space because they collapse flat.

collapsible measuring cups

2. Collapsible Silicone Colander

Let’s stick with the collapsible theme for a minute. This colander is great because like the measuring cups they collapse flat and take up way less room than a traditional colander. You can also find smaller versions that work great for rinsing of fruits and beans!

collapsible colander, green

3. Hand Graters – Set of 4

Ditch the traditional grater that takes up a ton of room for these easy to store hand graters. I use one of these at least every day, whether I am zesting a lemon or grating cheese these hand held tools are awesome. Mine are simply hung up so they are easy to get to when it comes time to zest, slice, or grate!

hand graters

4. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Yes these are ‘big’ but hear me out. THEY ARE STACKABLE, ditch all of your other mixing bowls for a sleek set of stackable mixing bowls, it makes a huge difference to have a set of bowls that very nicely nest into one another. Second, cooking and baking are so much easier when you have a solid set of mixing bowls and a sleek set of stainless steel are the way to go! Since I went this route I could not imagine my kitchen without them.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, stackable

5. Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet (aka Sheet Pans)

Much like the mixing bowls, this larger item(s) play a significant roll in the kitchen. From roasting vegetables, to cookies, to sheet pan meals life is so much better when you have a few solid sheet pans! I personally have 3 of these but would recommend having at least 2.

Sheet Pan

6. Cast Iron Skillet, 12-inch

I cannot imagine life without my cast iron, if you don’t have one yet just take the leap and buy one. I think about half of my blog posts I recommend buying one of these if you don’t have one yet. If you are sparse on room and/or don’t have a proper set of pots and pans, this one pan is certainly the one you do need to buy. From browning ground beef, to making crispy potatoes, to making better than restaurant steaks, to baking delicate dutch pancakes, this pan will do it all for you. Plus cast iron pans essentially last for forever, no joke, you hear about some families having passed theirs down for multiple generations, what’s not to love about that? (And don’t let the cleaning/seasoning part of cast iron scare you, it is sooo much easier to upkeep then people claim)

Lodge 12 inch Cast Iron Skillet

7. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Just like the cast iron skillet, I highly recommend a cast iron dutch oven. I will be honest my dutch oven is the only pot I really use, I could probably get rid of all of my other pots and be perfectly content. So if you are short on space ditch the rest and invest in a dutch oven. I say ‘invest’ because these can get a little spendy, I personally have a Pioneer Women brand (I got it while on sale) so shop around and watch for sales but I promise it will be worth every penny!Pioneer Women Dutch Oven, blue

So that is my list of The Best Kitchen Gadgets for a Small Kitchen. It is short and simple because let’s face it not all of us have a ton of room to keep our kitchen gadgets! And while I do have much more than the items on this list, these are the gadgets I use most often and save me space. Do you have a tiny kitchen? Am I missing anything? What are your best kitchen gadgets for a small kitchen?

The Best Kitchen Gadgets for a Small Kitchen Pinterest Pin #giftideas #smallkitchen #christmas

Peace & Love

Lauren, The Schmidty Wife

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