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Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Goat Cheese

The PERFECT appetizer, three ingredients, only a few minutes, a crowd favorite… Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese. Your new go-to for delicious finger food, dates are stuffed with goat cheese then wrapped in bacon and baked into sweet, salty, and savory treat! Bacon Wrapped Dates If you see me at any type of party …

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Christmas Tree Veggie Tray

Get in the spirit this Christmas Season with this Christmas Tree Veggie Tray! So easy to put together, this fun holiday appetizer idea will get everyone excited and eating their vegetables! Christmas Tree Vegetable Platter Move over cookies, it’s time for vegetables to shine! I think one of the unsung heroes in our society is …

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Warm Buffalo Chickpea Dip

Easy Buffalo Chickpea Dip is made from healthy vegetables, chickpeas, buffalo sauce, and just enough cream cheese to make this smooth and creamy! This Vegetarian Buffalo Chickpea Dip is baked to serve warm with melted blue cheese and served with chips and vegetables for a perfect party appetizer to share! Vegetarian Buffalo Chickpea Dip Buffalo …

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The Easiest Dried Beef Pickle Roll Ups

This recipe for Dried Beef Pickle Roll Ups is an easy three ingredient appetizer that every one will love, perfect for the holiday’s or family get togethers! So simple to make ahead just using baby dill pickles, cream cheese, and dried beef, make a double batch because these will disappear fast! Dried Beef Pickle Roll Ups …

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Fresh Restaurant Style Salsa

Fresh Restaurant Style Salsa made fresh at home with simple ingredients perfect for appetizers, snacks, and parties.  This post was updated 07/13/2020 Restaurant Style Salsa with Fresh Tomatoes I am an absolute salsa & chips fiend. If there are salsa & chips present chances are those salsa & chips are already in my mouth. I …

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