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easy Buffalo Chickpea Dip in a small white baking dish with blue cheese and green onions with chips and vegetables for serving

Warm Buffalo Chickpea Dip

Easy Buffalo Chickpea Dip is made from healthy vegetables, chickpeas, buffalo sauce, and just enough cream cheese to make this smooth and creamy! This Vegetarian Buffalo Chickpea Dip is baked to serve warm with melted blue cheese and served with chips and vegetables for a perfect party appetizer to share! Vegetarian Buffalo Chickpea Dip Buffalo …

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sheet pan gnocchi with '15 meatless meals' title

Easy Meatless Meals

A list of great ideas for meatless meals to try that the whole family will love! Easy plant based recipes for Meatless Monday, Lent, eating better, and conscience eating, plus are kid friendly! Even your biggest carnivore won’t notice the meat is missing. Surprisingly as a professional food blogger people love talking to me about …

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black bean nachos recipe on a sheet pan ready to eat

Black Bean Nachos Recipe

This easy Black Bean Nachos Recipe is the perfect weeknight meal. These nachos are topped with black beans, cheese, and loaded with toppings, plus they are cooked in less than 10 minutes. You can have your family fed a delicious and healthy meal in almost no time! How many meals do you make on a …

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carrots, celery, and rice in a soup pot

Simple Vegetable Rice Soup

Perfect for a light meal or a side dish this simple vegetable rice soup is made with classic vegetables, chicken broth, and rice. Reminiscent of chicken noodle soup but simpler and lighter. At our house we call this ‘sick soup’ mostly because when I see the signs of a cold coming or when someone isn’t …

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