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The Schmidty Wife

Hello, I am Lauren aka The Schmidty Wife and food is my love language. I live in Seabrook, NH with my husband Matt, our son Archie, and our two dogs Olive & Otis. I am a stay at home mom who besides food loves crafts, working out, being outside, glitter, and The Office.

I love cooking, baking, flavors, and most importantly I love seeing happy people eating my food. Seeing people enjoy a meal I made makes me so incredibly happy which is why I started The Schmidty Wife blog. I want to help others create that happy feeling by sharing the recipes I love to create. Food should be about family time and I would love if I can make just one recipe that brings just one family closer together during that meal. I make fresh food for fun families and so I hope you join me as I dish out some love.

Peace & Love,

Lauren, The Schmidty Wife

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  1. Hello Lauren, I found your recipe on Pinterest and saved it to my board that I had created. I have been exploring on Pinterest to try to find healthy shakes and smoothies . I have been trying several smoothies, but I definitely like healthy ones. I actually tried yours today and it was actually very good. I did not use a whole banana, & I used a little bit more peanut butter & almond milk, unsweetened . I am going to look at some of your other recipes. I understand this is healthy for you. Do you have any idea how many calories for one serving? Thanks, Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for visiting my website! I’m so glad you tried one of my smoothie recipes. As far as the calorie count, I currently do not have the nutrition background to post the calorie count, but you can sign up for a free My Fitness Pal account at https://www.myfitnesspal.com/ and enter the recipe in and it will give you a calorie count and a nutritional breakdown! Plus if you are counting calories it is a really helpful tool! Hope you enjoy the other recipes!

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