Coffee Lemonade

Coffee Lemonade… you first hear the combination and you hesitate. Coffee Lemonade, that sounds so weird, but is it really? A ton of people mix iced tea and lemonade together, heck its so popular its named after a famous golfer, Arnold Palmer. And a good cold pressed coffee is very similar to an iced tea, strong floral notes and not at all bitter like its hot counterpart. So see maybe an iced Coffee Lemonade wouldn’t be that weird right?! Well my friends its better then “not weird” it is fantastically delicious! The sweet yet sour lemonade mixed with the smooth floral coffee poured over ice is a delectable treat that you need to try.

Coffee Lemonade

Coffee Lemonade couldn’t be easier to make, and during these hot days it is the perfect way to cool down. If you aren’t yet familiar on how to make your own cold press coffee check out my post How to Make Cold Press Coffee. Once you have your cold press concentrate all ready to go find some good quality lemonade and you are all set! I really do hope you enjoy this weird sounding yet delicous beverage! Cheers!

Coffee Lemonade
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Coffee Lemonade
Total Time:
2 minutes

A quick refreshing drink for a hot summer day!

Yield: 2 Glasses
  1. In a large container stir together the cold press concentrate and lemonade.
  2. Add ice to 2 glasses.
  3. Pour the coffee lemonade mixture dividing evenly between the 2 glasses.
  4. Enjoy!
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Coffee Lemonade

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